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About Us was founded in 1999. At that time, we were a software development company developing web applications based on Microsoft's new Active Server Page (ASP) technology and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Our client's websites were hosted on a variety of third party servers scattered around the country. We quickly realized that our in-house development servers provided a higher degree of stability and better uptime than the servers provided to our clients by these third party hosting providers. After careful evaluation we determined our success was mostly due to our one service one server policy combined with our deep understanding of server performance as it relates to fundamental application development and database design. We deployed a production environment in conjunction with our development environment and our clients began moving their production websites back to our network. Through our clients referrals, we soon began providing our outstanding Windows web hosting services to other developer's clients.

At the turn of the millennium, just prior to the dot com bust, we sold the development company. With a fresh infusion of capital, we invested heavily in infrastructure and focused our attention on providing top notch ASP and SQL web hosting services to the public. Since that time we have wisely reinvested our profits in infrastructure and avoided the need for borrowing to build our company. With the exception of a few smart leases, has now operated nearly debt free for 15 years.

Since our inception, we strived to build long term relationships with our clients, many of which have been with us more than 10 years. We developed these strong relationships by first listening carefully to our clients, then in turn continuously fine tuning the delivery of our services to match their needs. Our client focused approach remains the pillar of our success. It's the reason we continue to provide world-class web hosting. When all else fails, we provide an easy path to our executive staff. There are no secretaries shielding calls from our senior executives. We simply take your call and solve your customer service issues quickly and concisely.

Our customer service approach is simple yet elegant. We train highly skilled engineers and software developers to set customer expectations, then either meet or exceed those expectations and when circumstances prevent us from doing so, we reset those expectations before our clients call us asking for answers.

In an industry where clients are typically referred to only by a number, we make it our business to know not only our clients names, but why they are hosted with us. In order to provide world class hosting it is absolutely required to understand our clients businesses and how their applications are delivering services via the Internet. We consider ourselves your business partner. As your partner, we make it our responsibility to deliver your hosting services as if they were our own.

Our mission is simple. Provide the best ASP.NET and SQL Server hosting services on the planet, period. We at realize that you can't be everything to everyone, so our focus, unlike many of our competitors, has always been to provide premium web hosting services. Throughout our history, we stayed true to our core competency and have gained the confidence of our valued clients.