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Our Data Centers

Modern. Redundant. Secure. utilizes state-of-the-art enterprise-class data centers to provide a safe, secure and resilient environment for our customers applications and data. With 10 geographically diverse data center locations, we have established an infrastructure that ensures the best possible combination of redundancy, efficiency and industry leading safeguards. Our data centers are ISO certified, and employ the highest standards of security including key card access, mantraps and fingerprint scanning. Our assets are secured with industry best, locked Dell Cabinets and Server Bezels in private caged space

Did you know?

Our servers are primarily located in two independent data centers in Louisville, KY inter-connected via private fiber. Our equipment is powered from redundant commercial UPS systems fed by 2 independent power grids, backed up by redundant diesel generators, cooled to a constant 69° (+/- 2°) by redundant commercial A/C systems and connected to the Internet via multiple redundant fiber optic links from independent Tier-1 Internet backbone providers. The facility is equiped with multi-layer physical security and monitored 24 hours by CCTV systems and on-site personnel.

Schedule a tour!

Many of our customers, and potential customers, have inquired about the facilities in which we locate our equipment. Our facilities have always been open for tours by appointment. Whether you live in Louisville or are just passing through town, let us show you around. We love the opportunity to meet our clients and show off our facilities! Building relationships is what we do; in person, online and on the telephone. Just give us a call and we will have a knowledgeable staff member ready and waiting for your arrival. For security reasons, all tours require a signed non-disclosure agreement.

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At we use only Enterprise Class Dell servers and Cisco networking equipment. Each Dell PowerEdge server is multi-homed and connected to one of our stacked Gigabit Cisco Ethernet switches and routed via our fiber optic network over genuine Cisco Catalyst Switches and Cisco Enterprise Routers. Private data is routed through our private internal Gigabit Cisco Ethernet switches for fast data transfers to and from SQL Servers and Backup Servers.

Critical Facility Components

Our goal is zero downtime for our customers. Implementing and maintaining reduntant critical facility components is a key factor in that goal. We believe in disaster prevention over disaster recovery.


Our equipment is protected by 5 layers of physical security starting right at the front door. You can rest easy knowing your data is secure from physical and cyber threats.