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Enterprise and Business Class Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions Dedicated Server Hosting

Powerful, Reliable and Yours

Virtualization technology for servers is awesome, but sometimes you simply need all the horsepower you can get out of a bare metal server. We provide the most reliable, affordable enterprise class dedicated server hosting solutions available for both Microsoft Windows Server and Linux CentOS. Combined with Microsoft SQL Server or mySQL and our expert  support and you have a powerful, reliable enterprise class hosting solution for your business.

Believe it or not, we have clients that utilize all of the processing and memory capabilities of the same DELL R810/910 multi-core servers we provide for our enterprise class virtualization platform. Typically,  these installations are for large scale enterprise class SQL servers, but we do host other applications such as ERP, CRM and custom applications on these large scale dedicated servers.

No matter what your dedicated server needs may be, we have a solution. From a single 64bit DELL, R610, R810, R820, R910 and R920 servers to load balanced dedicated server solutions, we have what you need, likely in stock and ready to deploy.

Call an expert sales engineer today and let us help you design a custom dedicated server solution tailored exclusively for your business needs.

Did you know?

All of our dedicated servers include server management, patch and service pack installation, operating system configuration, DDoS SYN flood protection, firewall protection, intrusion detection and prevention services, layer 3 switching, monitoring of network, critical services and disk space as well as daily backups?

All this comes with expert Tier 1 support delivered by highly qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals, Linux CentOS Systems Engineers and Certified Software Developers that specialize in application and database performance relevant support.

You can purchase customized monitoring of your application for quality of service testing which will alert our Tier 1 support staff in the event your application fails.

We don't require contracts and we provide a non nonsense hassle free cancellation policy. Web hosting contracts are designed to lock you into a commitment for a specified period of time. But what happens when your business needs change? We believe you should have the right to cancel any time and for any reason. We also believe that it is our responsibility to earn your business each and every day and that's exactly what we do. You can even take advantage of our no risk prepayment options for incredible discounts.

Ask one of our highly qualified sales engineers about our no commitment dedicated server hosting solutions.


Right Sized Solutions

Sure, we're in the business of selling servers, but that doesn't mean we have to oversell... and we never do. Dedicated Servers

Our job as your hosting partner is to provide you with just the right sized hosting solution and that's exactly how we approach each and every sales opportunity. When you engage our knowledgeable sales engineering staff we'll tailor a hosting solution specifically to your business requirements. We know precisely what questions to ask in order to obtain the necessary information to provide your business a right sized solution.

We believe it's our inherent responsibility to understand our clients applications and data and how they are utilized within the scope of your business. This enables us to properly gage our clients resource requirements for hardware and software and make intelligent recommendations. Often, these thoughtful recommendations are application and database design changes rather than simply throwing more resources at a problem. This provides an opportunity for our clients to reduce long term hosting costs and utilize their financial resources where it matters most... growing their business.

We uniquely recognize that the end result for us is a long term relationship with a growing company that eventually buys more servers when they really need them. It also brings us many referrals and nothing better tells us we're doing things right than a client referral.

Give us a call today and we'll provide you a long list of clients that will tell you how we repeatedly saved them money on hosting services.