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Enterprise Class Disaster Recovery Solutions

100% Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services are not always considered when purchasing  web hosting services and all too often disaster recovery is completely overlooked until it's too late. offers a comprehensive enterprise class disaster recovery service that has been designed to ensure 100% recoverability of your server in the event of either a local or regional disaster.

Disaster Recovery

Our enterprise class disaster recovery plans compress, encrypt and replicate your server's data to multiple geographically dispersed data centers. Each replicated copy of your data is stored in an encrypted vault in 6 different locations around the world.ensuring immediate recoverability of an individual file. an entire database or your entire server if necessary.

To ensure 100% recoverability of your data, even backs up the entire disaster recovery system to ensure its own recoverability in one of our own data centers, Amazon's, Azure's or any other service provider we choose in the event of a disaster to our own services.

Our entire infrastructure is now backed up daily and stored for 90 days  providing 90 individual restore points in the event of a disaster.

Ask your provider if they can recover your data in the event of a local or regional disaster. Ask them if they can recover their own services, including their own disaster recovery services!

What is a disaster and why do I need a disaster recovery plan?

When most people think of a disaster they think about natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other naturally occuring disasters.

While these kinds of disasters are real and all too often occur, such as  been recently seen in Florida, Louisiana and California, other, less heard of disasters are all too common.

For example, what happens if your website code has a security flaw and your website is defaced or even worse, your database is accessed and the data is modified or deleted. Hackers are constantly scanning websites in search of security flaws that present access to the website's code or underlying databases..

Have you ever had an infected PC in your office? All too often compromised PC's are the source of password discovery for hackers and criminals. Once your local computer has been compromised all of your credentials are at risk, such as your email account, FTP accounts and even RDP and SSH accounts.

Do you routinely review your developers code? Do you use a third party development company? Do you use an offshore third party development company? These are all very important questions that should be asked and you should have a plan in the event you find yourself in a disupute with your web developer. All too often, small and large companies alike discover their previously terminated web developer or database administrator has created back doors into their online systems and now hold them hostage. And while these acts of terrorism are illegal, by the time law enforcement gets involved, the damage is done and your business suffers irreparable loses.

Disaster Recovery

What happens if your web developer accidentally deletes a file or an entire directory, or writes bad code that inadvertently deletes critical data?. Can you recover from such an event? What if the issue isn't discovered for a day or two or even an entire week? We have seen these kinds of disasters all too often and have recovered lost data for many of our clients.


Customized Disaster Recovery Plans

For as little as $35/mo you can ensure the recoverability of your data by choosing one of our enterprise class disaster recover solutions.

At we customize your disaster recovery solution to fit your exact business requirements..

Are you ready?

Whether you need a single week's worth of recovery with 7 individual restore points or you require 3 months worth of recovery and 180 individual restore points, we can customize a disaster recovery plan for your business to ensure 100% recoverability of your files, databases or an entire server.

Speak with your service representataive or call our sales engineering team at (888) 277-9320 and get started with one of our Enterprise Class Disaster Recovery Solutions today.

Tomorrow could be too late!