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Our Hardware, A Standardized Approach

Enterprise Class Hardware.

If you've already visited our pricing page then you have probably already figured out that we're not the cheapest solution available. Why is that?.

In a multi-billion dollar a year industry there are a lot of players and everyone wants a piece of the action, and why not? There's plenty to go around for everyone right?

So how do you decide which web hosting company is right for you? How do you find value in a web hosting plan? How do you know what your buying?.

With so many competitors in the hosting industry competing for a share of the market it is important to understand what you are purchasing and whether or not you are getting value for your money.

As an example, when we began publically offering Windows shared hosting in 1999, almost no one offered Dell Servers. In fact, few web hosting companies offered Windows hosting because most had no clue how to keep Windows NT running as a stable platform. pioneered Windows hosting with SQL Server as the backend database platform. Today, thousands of web hosting companies offer Dell servers as their platform. But just how many offer Enterprise class Dell PowerEdge servers in their service offering?

It's quite simple to create a plan with a 3Ghz processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB of disk space and offer it for $59 as a virtual server, but what are you really buying?.Is it an Intel processor, ECC RAM and a quality SAN or are you sharing time on a entry class Dell SC server with other clients?

At, we only offer enterprise class hardware. Whether it be our Enterprise Class Dell PowerEdge R810/R910 servers with Intel E7-4850 hyper-thread cores or our Cisco Enterprise class network, we simply put it out their for you to see, know and understand why you are paying a premium for service.

Sure, we're not for everyone's budget, but if your company requires 100% uptime and Tier 1 support 24/7/365, then we are your solution.

Quality Hosting Service

Peace of Mind

You can relax knowing that your application, data and business services are deployed on fully redundant clusters of fault tolerant Enterprise Class Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell EqualLogic Storage Area Networks.

Reliable Hosting Service

Dell hardware is known for it's proven engineering and reliability. Further, Dell has proven to us that their hardware simply works. During the past 15 years of delivering world class solutions to our clients we have only experienced a single Dell motherboard failure in our environmentally controlled data centers. Quite frankly, we think that's remarkable!

As part of our commitment to our clients we deploy only Enterprise Class Dell PowerEdge servers with redundant power supplies and genuine Dell PERC hardware RAID controllers. If your looking for a software RAID solution in our data centers, you won't find it. prides itself on having never lost customers data due to a failed hardware RAID system. To ensure data integrity we partition your business critical data independently from the operating system files thereby effectively eliminating potential OS data corruption.

From our inception, we standardized on Dell PERC RAID controllers and Seagate hard disk drives and to this day every Dell PowerEdge server and DELL EqualLogic SAN in our data centers is deployed with DELL PERC hardware RAID controllers and Seagate SAS, SCSI or SATA hard disk drives.

Our entire virtual network consisting of Enterprise Class Dell PowerEdge Servers is covered under Dell's Mission Critical Platinum 24/7 4 hour on-site response service commitment. So even if a fault tolerant part fails, a replacement is onsite in 4 hours or less, typically only replacing our inventory of cold spares.

What about the rest of our servers? They're covered too, by our no nonsense onsite spares policy. For each model Dell PowerEdge server deployed in our data center, we maintain spare parts in cold storage and for most servers we maintain at least one hot or cold standby server ready to deploy when needed.

Fortunately, the reliability of our Dell PowerEdge servers has been so consistently high that it's a rare occasion when we need do more than simple replacement of a faulty disk drive in a fault tolerant RAID subsystem.

The Common Denominator

Hardware selection and standardization have been the backbone of our infrastructure since our inception. Our enterprise class hardware selections were not made by accident.

Choosing Dell Enterprise Class PowerEdge Servers with PERC RAID controllers, Seagate hard disk drives and Crucial ECC RAM have been critical to our company and its reputation. Not only has the reliability of these products been remarkable over the life of our company, but maintaining a consistent spares catalog through long term relationships with select vendors has been simplified.

From acquisition of spare parts to training of on-site engineers, the entire process of maintaining the backbone of our clients on-line businesses has been streamlined into an efficient process that leaves nothing to chance.

As our President and founder Stacy Kopacz has stated time and again, "We believe in disaster prevention over disaster recovery".

Isn't it time your next disaster is prevented?

Please take a moment to review our hardware gallery. There are no stock images used in these photos. They are real images of our real equipment. The same equipment hosting your business application and data.

Hardware Gallery

Looking Ahead has been in business since 1999. We've enjoyed 15 years of growth and success thanks to our long time clients that have trusted and recommended us for years. For all this we thank you.

Once again it's time to evolve our operations and grow our product line. We are in the process of revamping our internal applications so that we may provide our clients with a self service kiosk for provisioing on demand services. We hope you like the new look and feel of our website and we look forward to offerring you a brand new customer service interface in the very near future.