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The strength of is deeply rooted in the knowledge of our leadership through to our dynamic core of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, developers and customer service experts. We possess the highest level of understanding as it relates to web hosting, yet we don't operate in a bubble. Our team has learned to apply our vast technical knowledge in the context of our clients dynamic businesses and this makes us excellent troubleshooters. technical team is lead by our Chief Technology Officer, David Kopacz. Since the late 1970's David has dedicated his life to electronics, telecommunications, computing, networking, software development and naturally continued with web hosting with the advent of the Internet following his career as a Sr. Systems Engineer with NASA where he held a secret security clearance. David is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSE+I), a Rational Certified Developer in OOP/UML for C++, has nearly 2 dozen telecom certifications and has an extensive background in complex computer controlled weapons systems. David, an amateur radio operater since 1976, also holds an FCC Extra Class Amatuer Radio license and earned the prestigeous title of Amateur Radio Operator of the Year in 2004.

David is the rare IT leader who possesses unmatched knowledge with the ability to communicate the underlying concepts - from the electron leaving the wall socket to the pixel display on your computer monitor. David has instilled his passion and knowledge of our business into each and every team member, many of whom, have been with our company since its inception.

What truly sets us apart from our competitors is our composed confidence. Never arrogant, our calm, level headed Tier 1 engineers listen carefully to your needs and respond well under pressure, calmly delivering a refreshingly sophisticated level of customer service.

We know we provide industry leading web hosting. Our focus for many years has been to perfect our product and service. Now, we are ready to share our strengths with a new generation of clients.