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Enterprise SQL Server Hosting

When it comes to SQL Server hosting, we have a clear vision. Provide world class, high performance, mission critical, Enterprise class SQL Server hosting services...with no data loss.

With more than 15 years experience hosting Microsoft SQL Server databases, has continued to set the bar upon which other SQLhosting providers are measured. From our early development years with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, the launch of Microsoft SQL Server 7 for Internet use through SQL 2014, has continuously provided enterprise class mission critical Microsoft SQL Server hosting solutions for online businesses.

SQL Server hosting has been the core of our service offerings since 1999 and continues to be a focal point for businesses whom choose us for their SQL hosting provider. At, lost data and offline databases are simple unacceptable.

Whether your needs are low cost shared SQL hosting, a dedicated SQL database server, mirrorred database servers or SQL server replication, we have service offerings that tailor to your business's exact data requirements.

    Currently Supported Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    Retired Versions
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server 7
Microsoft SQL Server
Performance - Beyond Expectation

Our virtual servers are uniquely configured to support high performance SQL server inplementations. Our database structure begins with clear separation of storage structures. While you operating system may reside on SATA RAID 10 storage, clearly your Windows swap files need to be located on SSD storage. Your SQL Server database storage may reside on SAS RAID 10 but your SQL Log files should reside on seperate storage, which may be SATA RAID10, NL-SAS RAID10, or SSD RAID50. In any case, separation of disk storage provides the highest available perfromance for your data. Combines with 64bit operating system platforms and high performance DELL Enterprise Class servers, your database will perform best with a SQL Server hosting solution provided by

Looking for higher performance SQL Server hosting? Try a dedicated solution with one of our screaming fast Dell PowerEdge R810 or R910 40 Core E7-4850 processors with up to 1TB of RAM.

Our dedicated SQL Server hosting packages provide complete flexibility enabling you to manage the entire SQL Server remotely with SQL Server Management Studio or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

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Data Integrity and Recoverability

Your data is the core of your business, and your database integrity and security are at the heart of our service offerrngs.

In case of system failure, Microsoft SQL Server has recovery mechanisms that can recover a database to the last state of consistency in a matter of minutes.. Critical applications can be up and running again quickly

Transaction processing is a vital requirement for a system that is designed to support critical applications, such as banking and online order entry. Microsoft SQL Server supports atomic transactions with transaction logging, which guarantees that all changes performed within a transaction are either committed or rolled back.

Consistency and recoverability of a database transaction are guaranteed even in the case of system failure and in the middle of complex updates by more than one user. SQL Server treats all database changes inside a transaction as a single unit of work. By definition, either an entire transaction is completed safely and all resulting changes are reflected in the database, or the transaction is rolled back -- and all changes to the database are undone.

Using a two-phase commit protocol, SQL Server can even support synchronized transactions that span more than one server -- ensuring that all servers on the network are maintained in a consistent state.

At we uniquely understand SQL Server hosting and our years of experience is the difference between success and failure. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of choices in hosting companies and almost all of them can setup and install SQL Server, but few can ensure your data integrity and recoverability. Can your business withstand a complete data loss?

 If the answer is no, then sign up today and know that your data is safe and recoverable with the leader in SQL Server hosting,

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