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Enterprise Class Virtual Server Hosting

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Operating System:

CPU Cores: 1


OS Volume - Disk Space: 20 GB
Equilogic iSCSI SAN SATA RAID 10.
Included in price of operating system.

Swap Volume - Disk Space: 20 GB
Equilogic iSCSI SAN SSD RAID 50.
Included in price of operating system.

Data Volume - Disk Type:

Data Volume - Disk space: 50 GB

Total: $0.00

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Enterprise Virtual Server Solutions

We're proud to offer high performance virtual server solutions deployed only on proven enterprise class hardware and software. Our Microsoft Windows and CentOS Linux virtual servers are provisioned on on state-of-the-art DELL PowerEdge servers and Dell EqualLogic storage hardware.

Our virtual server hosting platform is designed for maximum uptime. Choose between our remarkable high availability(HA) option with 99.999% uptime or for mission critical business applications that can never be down select our fault tolerant (FT) solution with 100% guaranteed uptime.

Our enterprise class DELL PowerEdge fault tolerant servers are deployed in multi-server clusters, provisioned to only 70% capacity and multi homed on our fully redundant all Cisco network. In the unlikely event of any single host failure, instant failover distributes all guest servers across the remaining physical servers in the cluster. For maximum reliability our fault tolerant (FT) solution  guarantees no more than 1 ping lost during a failover.

Performance Flexibility Reliability

Not all applications are alike. While less engaged applications may get by with the limited resources offered by traditional cloud computing, demanding applications such as SQL Server typically require dedicated CPU, RAM or disk IOPS resources.

Unlike traditional cloud resources that may or may not be available when your applications need them most, our virtual server hosting technology provides our clients a choice between on-demand and dedicated resources.

Our flexible provisioning capability enables our clients to save money for under utilized applications yet provides guaranteed performance with 100% resource availability for mission critical business applications.

Before the cloud rains on your parade, speak to one of our experienced sales engineers about our flexible performance provisioning choices on's enterprise class virtualization platform.

We invite you to test drive one of our high performance virtual servers today!