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Zimbra - Enterprise Email Hosting

Shared Zimbra Email Hosting is proud to offer Zimbra Collaboration Suite as our shared email hosting platform.. Zimbra is a feature packed messaging and collaboration solution which includes email, address book, calendar, communications, tasks and more.

We provide many ways to connect to Zimbra!

  • Zimbra Desktop Edition
  • Zimbra Web Client
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Other Mobile Devices
  • Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Protocols IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

    Our shared Zimbra email service is designed for low to moderate volume outbound email traffic for your business. All of our clients rely upon the timely delivery of email. If your company needs to send tens of thousands or millions of emails per day, please consider one of our dedicated email solutions.

    Dedicated Zimbra Mail Servers

    Need your own dedicated  Zimbra Mail Server?

    Whether your needs are for secure email or thousands of users, is an experienced provider of Zimbra Collaboration Suite in both the free Open Source Edition and the paid Network Edition.

    With more than 7 years of experience hosting thousands of domains and tens of thousands of users on our own Zimbra Open Source Cluster, we have the right experience to deploy any sized organization onto an  enterprise class Zimbra messaging and collaboration cluster.

    We even offer some proprietary enhancements for  automated user and mailbox provisioning as well as customized security enhancements to monitor and shut down compromised email accounts.

    Our Zimbra mail servers are highly tuned mail systems running on the latest CentOS Linux technology. Whether your needs are for a single dedicated virtual Zimbra server or a load balanced cluster of Zimbra collaboration Suite servers, can provide you a secure, scalable and reliable solution to support your growing needs.

    Speak to one of our sales engineers today about Zimbra Collaboration Suite for your business!


    Zimbra Integrity & Security

    Your email is safe with Our mail servers run on the latest version CentOS and Zimbra in our virtual hosting environment.

    Each cluster of Zimbra servers consists of fault tolerant LDAP servers, a cluster of load balanced SMTP servers, clustered mailbox servers and independent logging servers, each replicated in our virtual environment to ensure the integrity of your email. Each Zimbra service is carefully monitored and QA tested 24/7/365 ensuring maximum uptime of your email service.

    Your email is stored on a cluster of our backend DELL EqualLogic SAN's from which we provide every mailbox user 5GB of fault tolerant mailbox space as part of our basic email service.

    For those that need secure access to their email, we can provide secure connectivity to Zimbra mail servers via POP3S (Secure POP3) and IMAPS (Secure IMAP) as a paid option. Simply ask your sales engineer about secure email for Zimbra to get started.

    Our proprietary access controls feature a sophisticated set of programs that monitor your mailbox for intrusions, automatically shutting down access at the first sign of mailbox theft.